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The Parish Council met on Tuesday 7th April with seven Parish Councillors and a large number of members of the public being present. Apologies had been received from Oxford County Councillor Stewart Lilley, the neighbourhood police and the missing Parish Councillors.

Public participation started with a lively discussion on traffic movements on Hanney Road, particularly Lorries. It is acknowledged that traffic calming measures and a pedestrian crossing are needed on Hanney Road and the Parish Council will continue to press Oxfordshire Council for such installations. The noise and vibration from Lorries has been reported to Oxfordshire Highways. Residents can lodge their own complaint to Oxfordshire Highways by filling in their on-line complaint form that can be found at: – highways. The more residents that complain the more chance we have of getting something done.

This was followed by a very good presentation on Thames Water proposals for a reservoir at Steventon by Dr Derek Stork, Chair of GARD. If the reservoir were to be built then residents on the periphery of the village would be facing a mound of at least 3 times the height of their houses!

There is no further information about Network Rail. We are waiting for their submission to the Vale of White Horse District Council for consent to demolish and replace Steventon railway bridge.

A notice has been placed in the notice board at the Co-op alerting people about the Nottingham Knockers scam. This relates to young lads who go door to door, selling household products. If you experience a visit from them then please call 101 immediately.
Anthony Stansfeld, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley has recently published his new five year Police and Crime Plan which sets out the priorities for policing and other crime reduction organisations across the Thames Valley, including the response to regional and national threats.
This new Plan consists of five broad strategic priorities which are:

1.    Vulnerability – Managing demand on services through working together with a particular focus on mental health, elder abuse, hidden abuse, and the criminal justice experience for victims of domestic and sexual abuse
2.    Prevention and Early Intervention – Improving safeguarding in both the physical space and virtual space including tackling cyber crime, road safety, peer on peer abuse, hate crime and female genital mutilation (FGM)
3.    Reducing Re-offending – Targeting and managing harm and risk with a focus on substance misuse, violence involving weapons and offender management including perpetrators of domestic abuse
4.    Serious Organised Crime and Terrorism – Improving the local response including increased public awareness, promoting a ‘dare to share’ culture, and preventing violent extremism and the exploitation of vulnerable people.
5.    Police Ethics and Reform – Increasing the pace of change with a focus on improved support for victims, accelerated uptake of new technology, and improving the perceptions of police among young people.
The full plan can be found on the PCC website:


Despite many pleas yet again there have been many cases recently of dog fouling within the village. If you see a dog owner allowing their dog to foul and not picking it up, take details of anything you see and take a photo and send details to the VWHDC Environmental Protection Team. They can be contacted by: Tel 01235 422403 or e-mail Remember dog fouling could lead to a fixed penalty notice of £50 or prosecution.
The next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 2nd May at 7pm in the Village Hall. Please note that this is the Annual Meeting with the Parish. If you want to know what goes on in the village then please come along.

Dr Chris Wilding - Chair


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