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The Parish Council met on June 5th with 9 Parish Councillors, Mike Fox-Davies Oxfordshire County Council Councillor and several members of the public being present. No apologies had been received from Matthew Barber Vale of White Horse District Councillor.

Following the deferral decision by the VWHDC (VWHDC) planning committee for consent to demolish Steventon Grad II listed Railway Bridge they have received a response from Network Rail providing more information pertaining to:

They are still awaiting a response as to why they didn’t include the option of switching between diesel and electric. Details of the response can be found by the following link:

The application to demolish the bridge is now to be considered by the VWHDC planning committee on Wednesday 1st August. We await with interest the outcome.
There is a rumour going round Steventon that 50 houses are to be built in the field behind Bargus Close. Residents from Bargus Close have expressed their dismay that this is allegedly being considered. On contacting the VWHDC planning department i can confirm that “the VWHDC have NOT received any applications or pre-app advice for developers on any of the open land to the rear of Bargus Close at all”.
Regarding Linden Homes the case officer who has been dealing with the current enforcement investigation regarding drainage and landscaping on the third phase of the Linden Homes site off Hanney Road has confirmed that the main drainage strategy has been confirmed as having been implemented correctly. However a few matters concerning landscaping in the public open space area and clearance of a drainage ditch are still being pursued. It is the VWHDC belief that Lindens will not be leaving site until the end of the summer and will ensure that these remaining issues are resolved before then. If you have any concerns please contact the case officer at: or telephone 01235 422600.
A defibrillator is to be purchased and installed south of the railway line. It will be located outside the Church Hall.
The next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 3rd July at 7pm in the Village Hall. If you want to find out what has/is happening in the village please come along.
Dr Chris WildingChair

PS. Advanced notice that elections for the Parish Council will be held in May 2019. Parish Council Councillor’s are elected for a period of 4 years.

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