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The Parish Council met on April 2nd with 8 Parish Councillors, Matthew Barber Vale of White Horse District Councillor,  Mike Fox-Davies, Oxfordshire Council Councillor 
and a number of members of the public being present.

This was the last Parish Council meeting of the current Parish Council who had
been in post for the last 4 years.

Matthew Barber informed the meeting that Network Rail although appealing against the decision to not demolish and replace Steventon Railway Bridge in September 2018 have not set submitted full documentation to the Vale of White Horse District Council. Further, there is a 50 week delay in availability of Inspectors, thus nothing  is likely to happen within next 1 to 1.5 years!

We have been informed that in the Milton Lane, Sheepwash Lane and Pugsden Lane areas there are serious problems with dog poo being bagged but then thrown over fences into paddock’s, fields and gardens.  Livestock die from ingesting poo in bags, they are attracted to the smell and eat the bags, which are indigestable and cause very unpleasant deaths, please stop this practice now!!

There were only 7 nominations for Parish Councillors to serve the Parish for the next 4 years of an allotted 9. As the number of candidates standing did not exceed the number of seats to be contested there will not be a contested Parish council election. Your Parish Councilors for the next 4 years are: Joe Bennett, Catherine Brickwood, John Clark, Carole Denton, Robert Green, John Rice and Chris Wilding. The new Parish Council will be looking to co-opt 2 more Parish councillors.

Parish councillors represent their communities on issues that affect them, by commenting on planning applications and other proposals, and maintaining community buildings, land, play areas, allotments and cemeteries.

The next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 7th May at 7pm in the Village Hall. This meeting is the Annual Meeting with the Parish where reports from village groups and organisations are given. These include Village Hall, Parochial Charities, St Michael's School, SARINC , Steventon Sports & Sports & Social Club and DAMASCUS.  If you want to find out what has/is happening in the village please come along.

Dr Chris Wilding

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