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The Parish Council met on the 1st August with seven Parish Councillors, Vale of White Horse District Councillor Matthew Barber, Oxfordshire County Councillor Mike Fox-Davies and a large number of members of the public being present.

The main topic of Public Participation was Truck Festival. This year the festival caused chaos both within the village and our surrounding neighbours. For residents of the village the major issues were:

Traffic Management Plan. The traffic management plan clearly did not work with excess traffic entering the village. This in part was caused by inappropriate placing of signage, previous Truck participants and Taxis ignoring signage and the use of double decker shuttle buses that were unexpected. The situation was made worse by an inadequate number of Marshalls. The Marshalls that were in the village were in completely the wrong places to direct traffic. The Marshalls were ill-briefed, rude and abusive. This was particularly the case for residents who tried to get vehicular access to their own properties. Finally, on the Sunday evening there was a fireworks display that residents had not been informed about. Consequently this caused distress to some families with young children and those with pets.

Matt Harrop, Truck Festival Event Manager responded to questions and stated that all the issues raised will be looked at and rectified to ensure that the 2018 Truck Festival is significantly better organised.

The question was raised about when the event is going to meet its licenced maximum number of 20,000 people. Matt responded by saying this is a target maximum that will only be promoted once all the issues raised this year are addressed and shown to work. In addition they also have issues on the organisation on the site itself that need to be resolved.

On a good note litter management was more effective in the village. However, litter left on site was a problem.


Truck traffic in high st Truck traffic down the High Street



The consultation period on Network Rail’s application for demolition of Steventon Railway bridge and provision of a replacement bridge closes on 31st August 2017.

On Thursday 20th July the Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling MP in a written statement to Parliament announced “Technology is advancing quickly, and this government is committed to using the best available technologies to improve each part of the network. New bi-mode train technology offers seamless transfer from diesel power to electric that is undetectable to passengers. The industry is also developing alternative fuel trains, using battery and hydrogen power. This means that we no longer need to electrify every line to achieve the same significant improvements to journeys, and we will only electrify lines where it delivers a genuine benefit to passengers”.

The Department  for Transport (DfT) said the modern trains, which can switch from electric to diesel mid-journey, will be used on the Great Western and Midland Main lines.

Perhaps the bi-mode trains could come through Steventon using diesel thereby preserving the Grade II listed railway bridge, two level crossings and giving a token saving to the taxpayer considering Network Rail’s considerable budget over spend.

There were two applications for the vacant Parish Councillor position. I am pleased to announce that the new co-opted Parish Councillor is Catherine Brickwood.

Yet again we had bad workmanship in Steventon. This time Buildbase was delivering materials to a house on the Causeway. For some reason they mounted the curb, stabilised their lorry on the footpath and delivered their materials. The end result they drove off leaving a dangerous footpath. The footpath has now been repaired.

damage to footpath Causeway damage


The next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 5th September at 7pm in the Village Hall. If you want to know what goes on in the village then please come along.

Dr Chris Wilding - Chair


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