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The Parish Council met on Tuesday 7th March with eight Parish Councillors and a large number of members of the public being present. Apologies had been received from District Councillor Matthew Barber, the neighbourhood police and the missing Parish Councillor. Please note it is not the same Parish Councillor missing each time.

It was reported in public participation that 60 canisters have been found in the litter bin in High Street. Please be vigilant and report any untoward behaviour to the police on 101.

Oxfordshire  County Council (OCC) are buying another “Dragon Patcher “ (Dr No equivalent) for fixing potholes. Let us hope that they use it in the village.

Representatives of the Parish Council met with Network Rail, OCC, Historic England and Ed Vaizey’s personal assistant on the 20th March to discuss Network Rail plans and timescale for demolition and replacement of Steventon railway bridge. Network Rail confirmed that, as soon as possible, they are going to submit a application to Vale of White Horse District Council (VWHDC) for consent to demolish the bridge.

Once the application has been submitted there will be a period of public consultation. The timescale for this public consultation is currently unknown. Network Rail is hoping for minimal consultation as they acknowledged they have NO PLAN B.

There have been some workers in the village claiming that they are from the VWHDC. They were actually contractors working on behalf of developers. If you are asked to give access to your property please ask for proper identification. If you are not satisfied then please inform the police on 101.
On the 18 October 2016 the VWHDC put in place actions that would review sustainable urban drainage systems within the village that were:
 “The council will:

I hope that these actions can be completed within the next three months, however
some of this work will need to be done in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council”.
 As it is now over the three months the VWHDC have given an update of progress..
“We are working on all aspects however progress isn’t as rapid as I hoped. We have reminded officers to ensure that drainage info is visible on the website and we have reviewed our conditions wording on our letters and also drainage conditions wording has been reviewed as part of a larger departmental exercise.
 We are working with third parties on the last two points and hope to have a new standard available and working very soon”.
Yet again there have been many cases recently of dog fouling within the village. If you see a dog owner allowing their dog to foul and not picking it up, take details of anything you see and take a photo and send details to the VWHDC Environmental Protection Team. They can be contacted by: Tel 01235 422403 or e-mail Remember dog fouling could lead to a fixed penalty notice of £50 or prosecution.
We have received a folder prepared by John Roberts and his son Steve Roberts. John used to live in Drayton but now lives in Portsmouth. They have researched all the names on the Steventon War Memorial and provided details in the folder. The Parish Council have taken pdf’s of the documents and placed them on the village web-site. The folder also contained details for Milton War Memorial who have also taken pdf’s to be placed on their village web-site. The folder has now been handed over to the Steventon Brach of the Royal British Legion who this year will be celebrating their 90th anniversary. Thank you to John and his son for a tremendous piece of work.
The next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 4th April at 7pm in the Village Hall. Please do come along and have your say during public participation.

Dr Chris Wilding - Chair


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