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The Parish Council met on Tuesday 2nd January with 8 Councillors present, and Mike Fox-Davies Oxfordshire County Council Councillor and a few members of the public being present. Apologies had been received from Matthew Barber, Vale of White Horse District Councillor.
The question was raised about what was being done regarding damage to the verge on the Causeway South of the Causeway level crossing. Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Highways are having discussions with the Vale of White Horse District Council (VWHDC) conservation officer as to what may be the best remediation solution. OCC prefer gabion walling of some kind to strengthen the bank and reinstate the road edge to a more suitable gradient. Gabion walling can look quite harsh initially when installed, but does soften in appearance over time as plants grow through it. OCC Highways have available funds so hopefully the remediation work will be done soon.
Damage was done on the verge at the corner of Vicarage road and the Causeway in December. A lorry delivering to Linden Homes, Hanney Road got stuck in the verge and had to be towed out by tractor. The driver’s "sat nav" took him up the Causeway. OCC Highways will remediate the damage and recharge the Company.
 A resident of Steventon has recently missed being seriously injured whilst walking her dog on the pavement outside Munchies. A car reversing out hit the resident causing the resident to stagger out of the way. The driver continued to reverse out and then drove away. The incident was reported to the police and after giving a statement the police they said they could not do anything about it as “nobody was injured”. What sort of message is this from the police for the safety of residents in Steventon? On contacting Matthew Barber our District Councillor and Deputy police and crime commissioner, Superintendent Rory Freeman (Local Police Area Commander) has agreed to arrange a meeting between the Parish Council, local businesses, the police and local authorities to “problem solve the issues” of cars parking outside the shops on High Street.
The PC has agreed to set up a Community Resilience working group to formulate a suite of plans to cope with various emergencies that our Community could encounter such as Flooding, Severe Weather, Power Loss or Major Transport Incident. It is recognised that with the wealth of information and guidance available to combat emergencies the most vulnerable people within our village are unaware of what is available. This is particularly the case since the loss of the mobile library.
If you are interested in joining the working group and have Good links within the community,  experience in dealing with the local councils and/or emergency services, or the enthusiasm and desire to serve our community then please contact Angela Einon, the Parish clerk.
The next Parish Council meeting is on Tuesday 6th February at 7pm in the Village Hall. Please do come along and have your say during public participation.

Dr Chris Wilding - Chair


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