Steventon Parish Councillors

The following profiles have been published in Steventon News in 2019:

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Chris Wilding - Chair

I originate from a small village, Belthorn located on the moors outside  Blackburn, Lancashire.  I have lived in Steventon for 15 years having moved here from Abingdon.  My wife Dilys and i moved to Steventon because we wanted to downside to a bungalow and, for me, a return to village life.
Since moving to Steventon i have got actively involved with the Sports & Social Club (Secretary) and the Village Hall (Treasurer). I enjoy the social life in the village and play crib for the Sports & Social Club and Aunt Sally for the North Star.

As a Parish Councillor i am able  to use my professional skills to the benefit of the village.  I want to see the Neighbourhood Plan completed and adopted, ensure that developer’s s106 contribution money allocated for the Parish are utilised fully, promote sensible development and infrastructure within the village, and see Steventon  Grade II listed Railway Bridge retained


Robert Green - Vice Chair

I came to Steventon nearly 30 years ago

Through my 4 boys, I got involved with the School, the Scouts and the Football Club, so when they grew up, I wanted to move on to serve the community as a Councillor. Initially I thought I could help prevent flooding and start an annual Village Fruit & Veg show. Little did I know that developers would want to build 250+ new homes and Network Rail would want to shut the High Street for a year !
Now 8 years on, I want to

And ‘Save our Bridge’

I most enjoy watching the generations grow up and a have a sense of involvement with their community, in the hope that they’ll want to return after their education.
I least enjoy the traffic, parking and general lack of consideration for other residents, hence the quest to create a strong community.

Joe Bennett

Steventon is a fantastic place to grow up in and live (I've been here since I was 1 year old!) and having travelled the world through my work as a musician, nowhere compares. I'm the Cricket Club secretary and have played for Steventon since I was 10, and I also managed the U13s football at one point. I often organise music events in the village - we're lucky to have a village that manages to be historic, vibrant, tranquil & fun all at once. You can't walk 20 metres along the road without meeting a friendly face.
 As a youth(!) of 30 I was encouraged to stand for Council in 2011 (by chairmen Bosley), I think to bring the average age down! Along the way I've learnt how the various tiers of local & national government above us work (and don't work!), and enjoyed our attempts to hold them to account where possible. I'm motivated to save the bridge from needless demolition by Network Rail, and in general to resist any organisation that tries to damage or exploit our wonderful village without a care for the consequences. As a council we're indebted to our excellent clerk Angela Einon, and to the members of the public who attend council meetings, or write in on issues that concern them. Steventon is worth the effort!

Catherine Brickwood

My husband and I have lived in Steventon since 2004 when my work moved to Oxford. We didn’t know the area and discovered Steventon by chance. We have often thought how lucky we are to have found such a friendly and lively community.

In early 2017 I started going to Parish Council meetings regularly and observing the full meetings. I was impressed by the amount of work that councillors were doing on behalf of the village but I had no thoughts at the time of becoming a councillor myself. Like a lot of people, I had a wish to contribute to village life in some way but with a lamentable lack of hands-on practical skills I wasn’t sure what I could offer. When a councillor vacancy occurred I realised that this could be an opportunity to make a contribution. I applied to be co-opted and I have now been a councillor for two years.

My focus at present is helping to finish the Neighbourhood Plan so that we can have more influence over future planning decisions and make other improvements to the village. I love the amount of green space and the trees and hedges we have in and around the village. I would like to find ways to improve wildlife habitats across the village from small patches of roadside verge to the large open spaces.

I’ve met many people in the village since becoming a councillor but would like to meet more. I have two allotments so if you are walking that way and happen to spot me then please do come and say hello!

John Clark

I lived in Didcot from 1960 until moving to the village in 2001 although I did drink occasionally in the North Star in the 1970's. This is my second term as a Parish Councillor and am a long-term committee trustee of the Causeway Trust and am on the village hall committee.

I have been a regular helper in maintaining the copse and do a lot of walking of the footpaths in the area so do my best to help keep the village as pleasant and rural place as possible for all the villagers. Over the decades the village has grown but still maintains a country feel about it and I feel in is important to maintain this and keep it an enjoyable setting to live.

Mark Tucker

My name is Mark Tucker and I moved into Steventon in June 2016 with my family. We chose to live here because of its proximity to Abingdon and for educational reasons. We love the feel and atmosphere of the village. I wanted to join the council to hopefully make a difference but also make Steventon a better place to live for everyone.
In my first year I’d like to get to know more people and improve village life by supporting key council initiatives.  
I love the green, open spaces in the village and the proximity to the countryside for walking/cycling. 
The worse part of being in the village is the traffic flow, both in terms of car numbers but also their speed. It can be congested and dangerous at times.
If I could change one thing, then I’d introduce a zebra crossing on the Hanney road to make it safer to cross for pedestrians. 

John Rice

My family and I moved to Steventon in 2013 and from the moment we arrived we found Steventon a welcoming and friendly village. Having an allotment really helped us to integrate with both newcomers and seasoned villagers and, in no time, we felt part of the community.
I was previously the treasurer of the Steventon Parish Magazine and formerly a local Beaver and Cub Scout leader.  In 2018 I organised a successful local fundraising event at the North Star Pub for Ovarian Cancer Action to support my London Marathon charity run.
I am keen to do my part to enhance life for the residents in the village. I have a particular interest in improving village facilities, particularly for young people. My objective is to maintain the rural feel in an expanded community and protect the village infrastructure from potentially damaging developments such as the unnecessary demolition of the railway bridge or consequences of further building.
You will often find me walking my two Labradors on the beautiful trails around Steventon.  I am always happy for a chat and to understand your concerns and suggestions so feel free to stop me and say hello.

Carole Denton

I moved to this village as a child in 1963.  I attended St Michael’s School as did my four children.  I have always cared about our village and over the years have seen many changes.  As I have worked at the school for over 20 years I have close connections with the children, parents and even grandparents of the village and I joined the Parish Council to help make a positive difference for all village residents.  I helped organise the children with the poll of traffic and pedestrians on the Hanney Road where we are hoping to have a crossing.  It looks like this could be successful and ifit is we hope to try for a crossing at the entrance to the village from Drayton.

Martin Stimpson-Tame

I was born in Abingdon Hospital & brought up in Drayton. I moved to Steventon almost 30 years ago when I bought a small cottage to renovate on the high street.
At aged 15 I started work at the Timsbury Hotel, in the kitchen. So you could say I was been involved in the village almost all my life!
After leaving John Mason I went to catering college & trained as a chef. After qualifying I realised it wasn’t for me. I therefor got a job working for a private oil company; it was here I trained in accountancy. For the past 10 years I have worked for a South African bank specialising in debt collection & insolvency.
 5 years ago, Steve & I took the decision to move; however, with Steventon being my home for so long there was no way I was leaving the village. With so little for sale in Steventon it was fantastic that Linden Homes were about to start building The Pitching so we decided to buy a property off plan on the first phase of the development.
3 years ago, I was asked to join the Steventon News team, to take the role of Treasurer & be part of the working committee. My main focus has been cost cutting to make it profitable, bring it up to date & to provide a go to resource & information point for parishioners.
My passion is village life & promoting the positive & welcoming sprit of the community & to support the local businesses & economy. Being passionate & forward thinking, someone who speaks up & challenges the norm I was delighted to be asked to join the Parish Council.
One of my main hobbies is gardening & being outdoors. I have therefore put myself forward for the open spaces, burial ground & environmental committees in the Parish Council.



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