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Water resources forum meeting held on 15 June 2020 pdf of presentation

The village suffers greatly from dog fouling, please pick up after your pooch! The litter bins that are located at the side of the road are dual purpose, put your pooches poo in these or the designated dog bins, these are emptied by the District Council.

The bins on the village green and at St Michael's Recreation area are supplied and emptied by the Parish Council. The people who empty are extremely good and sort the rubbish to recycle as much as they can. If possible please use another bin for dog poo so they do not have to handle it. Though it is preferable than leaving it on the ground or collecting it in a nice little bag and throwing it, or hanging in a tree!

Thank you


Citizens Advice offers confidential, impartial advice and information on many day-to-day issues. If you need help with Universal Credit, take immediate action and visit or telephone 03 444 111 444 or drop in to your nearest Citizens Advice office. For locations and opening hours see



Water Voles

The water vole is Britain’s fastest declining mammal and help is needed from the villagers of Steventon to prevent further loss.

For more information on how you can help please read the water vole page. Water Voles




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